Tadashi Sakaue
President & CEO

1992 Keio University, Sociology

1992-2009: Fujitsu Limited

   (1998-2004: Fujitsu Taiwan Limited)


Toshiba Digital Media Network Taiwan – Vice President

  • Toshiba Electric Components Taiwan
  • – Executive Vice President 
  • Toshiba electric Devices & Storage  
  • – Sr. Manager, Asia Business Development Group

2021 April Founded office Plus K LLC.


  I started to work for a company in 1992, when the internet was in its early days and the bubble economy just burst in Japan. Since then, I spent my career aimed the rise of “digitalization” and “globalization”.

  I have engaged in launching the business in China and dealt with Taiwanese makers which gradually, but rapidly dominating the world’s PC market under swift and flexible decision-making. I am so fortunate to have such experiences, as well as I had opportunity to see Japanese culture from outside of Japan.

  I have decided to establish this company to embody my wishes to make the most of my invaluable experiences for;

  Rediscovering Japanese culture and local businesses and contribute to their revitalization, and

  Becoming the cross-border bridge, especially between Taiwan, where I had spent 10 years, and other Asian areas.