You Live Only Once

Innovate Your Work Style to Increase Your Happiness

for yourself, and for future

New Work Style

Each one may have each way of working to feel ‘Happiness”. In today everything has changed attributed to the pandemic of COVID-19, everyone is trying to look for “New way of working”, which is being desired now, isn’t it?

Supports for start-ups

High-graded service as “Incubation” may be too tough for us to provide you to be honest. However, we shall aim to keep accompany with any entrepreneurs who desire to realize whatever they want to do and help them regardless of generation.


Now the importance to connect among people must have been reaffirmed. Along the reaffirmation of the importance, everyone may get wanting to bring back the connection with people whom they have fallen out of touch. The timing while we have to live with remote works and stay-home is just a tip to value the connection with people.

Nothing is wasteful in any experiences.

I founded this company putting those beliefs and ideas into the principle.